MEMUNITY is an open community of renowned companies and institutes that operate in the field of Microsystems Technology, founded in 2003. It was founded by industry leaders who realized that the testing of MEMS devices at wafer level would reduce production costs of MEMS devices, and thus help drive the commercialization of MEMS. This developed into the goal of our community – the development of on-wafer testing technologies for MEMS devices using non-electric stimulation and detection methods. To read more about the companies behind MEMUNITY, please click here.

As an information and communication platform, MEMUNITY wants to give everyone interested in MEMS testing the chance to collect experiences and exchange them with others.
Additionally, we want to enable our members to provide proposals about the development of products and to be informed about all types of MEMS test topics.

In order to achieve this, we arrange regular workshops to which we invite all our members. There you will have the chance to get to know other colleagues and communicate with each other, as well as to take part in seminars focused on MEMS testing topics. You can find more information about current events under the News section on this website.

With such a permanently increasing network of users, potential problems and questions that may occur when testing MEMS can be solved and answered quicker and more specifically.

As a guest on our website, you will find general information about our community and MEMS testing. Further, more detailed information is available to everyone who applies for a free membership.